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The #1 Canadian Fundraising Brand

Welcome To Aunt Sarah's Chocolate Factory

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We're so excited to share over 35 years of Canadian tradition and craftsmanship 🇨🇦

At Aunt Sarah’s we devote a lot of time into developing and creating only the best products. From our most popular fundraising bars, like Simply Delicious, to our delicious assortments of confections for every season, no one makes chocolates like Aunt Sarah's.

We know how important it is that quality, care and consistency be reflected in all of our products. A gift of Aunt Sarah's chocolates is something special, always appropriate and a sure way to please chocolate lovers everywhere.  

We're The #1 Fundraising Choice in Canada

Aunt Sarah's is busy year round developing and producing products to guarantee absolute freshness for your enjoyment. All our products are made with the finest ingredients and much care is taken to ensure the highest quality.

In 1991, we entered the fundraising market by developing our Simply Delicious Bar. We are very proud that fundraising groups across Canada have had tremendous success selling our bar. It is truly "Simply Delicious".

Family Owned & Operated


Proudly Canadian


and...Simply Delicious